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Buy sod grass online here and get it delivered to your property.
Get Your St. Augustine grass, Centipede grass, Zoysia grass, and Burmuda grass sod here.

Indicate your preferred delivery dates in the notes when you place your order.

Our flexible Delivery is a program that allows you to save money by being flexible on delivery date. This allows the farm to fit your order on the day most convenient for weather and trucking availability. You will be notified 24-48 hours prior to delivery of delivery date and time. Flexible delivery can be 3-10 day windows depending on time of year and location.


+ Currently there is a minimum order of 1 pallet and maximum order of 11 pallets when ordering online.

If you wish to purchase less than 1 pallet or more than 11 pallets, then please visit our special orders page or call us.

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