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Best Types of Grass For South Louisiana

These are the Best Types of Grass For South Louisiana. The climate here can be quite challenging for the best of us. The same goes for your plants and grass. Most of the year, Louisiana is a very beautiful place with pleasant weather. However, summers can be quite taxing on plants and grasses. The average high temperature, during summer, is 91 – 93 degrees fahrenheit, with high temperatures routinely reaching 100+ degrees during the hottest months of July and August.  Since South Louisiana rarely has hard freezes or snow, we don’t have to worry as much about our grass during the colder months.

Consideration must be taken when selecting your lawn turf grass.

Certain types of grasses thrive in South Louisiana climate and can be found in lawns from New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and all across the south and gulf coast. Here are the most common varieties of grasses and sod.

Best Types of Grass For South Louisiana:

St. Augustine Grass:

The most popular grass type across the southern region. Dark green, broad leaf grass with good shade tolerance.

St Augustine Grass Sod Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, L?ake Charles Sod

Centipede Grass:

One of the more affordable grasses. Light green medium width leaf blade, Easy to grow and requires full sun or light shade.

centipede grass sod

Zoysia Grass:

A very luxurious carpet like grass with dense growth. Known for high wear tolerance and shade tolerance. Dark green color with fine to medium leaf texture.

Zoysia Grass Sod Louisiana

Bermuda Grass:

A common fine blade grass. Medium to dark green color. Requires full sun to grow properly. Some varieties can tolerate moderate shade.

Bermuda grass sod in Louisiana


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