Frequently asked Questions

  1. What kind of grass do you offer?  Centipede, Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia
  2. What are your prices?     Centipede= $169              St. Augustine= $239            Bermuda= $189                 Zoysia= $239
  3. Can I get my sod delivered if I only order one pallet? Yes
  4. What areas do you deliver to?  Baton Rouge and all of most Louisiana
  5. Can I purchase pieces of sod?  Yes.  The minimum for a sod piece order is 10.
  6. Can I purchase a half of a pallet? Yes
  7. How soon can I get my sod? You can usually get your sod delivered within 48 hours, and sometimes sooner!
  8. Can I get my sod delivered on Saturday?  Yes
  9. If it rains, why can’t I get my sod?  When it rains, we are unable to cut the sod.  The sod needs 2-3 days to dry out before we are able to cutt it.
  10. Do you offer installation? Yes we can help you with your new lawn installation project.
  11. What’s the most common sod that’s ordered? St. Augustine
  12. Can I plant sod in the winter?  Yes
  13. Will my sod go dormant in the winter? Yes
  14. After receiving my sod, can I install it a few days later?  It is recommended that you install your sod after receiving it.
  15. How is the delivery fee calculated?  It is based upon the amount of pallets and mileage to your delivery location.