Zoysia Grass Sod

When you see zoysia, you will notice an eye catching luxurious fine blade grass, with deep green color, and carpet like growth and texture. Zoysia grass is a warm-season perennial grass that is widely used for lawns throughout the United States. It is a very robust grass which is fairly shade tolerant, and exceptionally adaptable to our climate and weather conditions.  Once established, zoysia develops a deep root system that makes it resistant to drought and pests.

Overall, zoysiagrass is one of the best turf grasses for this region, and is used by homeowners, landscapers, contractors, and designers. Most varieties are both beautiful and hardy, which makes them a popular choice for lawns.

Zoysia grass sod

Here Are A Few Reasons Why People Love Zoysia Grass So Much!

Zoysia grass has been growing in popularity worldwide.

  • Beautiful and Durable
  • Heat and Drought Tolerant
  • Grows In Shady Areas - Shade Tolerance
  • Tolerates Moderate Foot Traffic
  • Makes A Beautiful Carpet Grass Lawn
  • Hardy In U.S Zones 5 Through 10
  • Grows rapidly and can withstand drought and pests.
  • Resistant to heat and has a dark green color.
  • Used for a variety of purposes, including lawns, athletic fields, sports fields, and golf courses.
  • Types Of Zoysia Grass Sod

    Palisades Zoysia is a dark green, medium-coarse textured lawn grass, which is best known for its tolerance to low light conditions, low water use, and its rapid recuperative ability.

    In addition to being low maintenance, Palisades has tested resistant to Pythium, moderately resistant to Rhizoctonia blight, moderately resistant to Tropical sod webworm, tawny mole cricket, and turf mite.

    • High shade tolerance. Grows well in lower light conditions.
    • Palisades has been classified as having low irrigation needs, requiring one to two deep irrigations per month during dry periods. We find that the water requirements vary depending on the location of the turf grass area. In full sun areas, with light soils, more watering is required. 
    • It is tolerant to lower maintenance and mowing, but looks excetionally well with regular watering and fertilization. 
    • Initiates spring growth earlier than Bermuda and most other grasses. 

    Empire Zoysia is a medium blade, blue green turfgrass, which grows in a wide variety of soil types and climate conditions. It performs well in both sandy and clay type soils and is grown throughout the southern U.S. Zoysia has tough runners, rhizomes, and deep roots that provide excellent sod strength, wearability, and improved drought tolerance.

    • Empire Zoysia thrives in hot, arid, sandy areas of the southeast and southwest U.S., and has proven itself drought tolerant in many challenging applications.
    • It also performs well in both sports field and homeowner sites and exhibits moderate shade tolerance typical of most zoysias.
    • EMPIRE Turf is the first zoysia to demonstrate improved tolerance to brown patch.
    • Also, Empire is highly tolerant of most herbicides making it easier to control weeds during production and for the end user.

    Jamur Zoysia is one of the more adaptable and resilient zoysia varieties. 

    JaMur requires less water, less fertilizer, forms less thatch, and is resistant to pests and weeds.

    Its deep green color provides an instant dash of sophistication and luxury to any garden, while its luxurious yet dense texture keeps weeds at bay. It also makes a great choice for residential and commercial lawns, athletic fields, golf courses, and parks.

    • Jamur is a medium-bladed grass with a deep green color, and lush growth habit.
    • It thrives in sun, shady areas, hot weather, and cold climates.
    • Jamur zoysia grass is also water efficient; and one the most drought tolerant zoysias available.

    El Toro Zoysia grass is one of the more adaptable and resilient zoysia varieties. 

    It is considered a genetically improved replacement for other Zoysia cultivars; and is often used as a sbustitute for Meyer, Palisades, Empire, and Crown.

    El Toro is a medium-bladed grass with a deep green color, and lush growth habit.

    • grows into a dense, luxuriant turf that can withstand high traffic.
    • adaptable to a wide range of soil types
    • is pest and weed resistant
    • easy to maintain

    Beautiful Zoysia Sod.
    We sell & Deliver Zoysia Sod Locally and regionally. Great Prices

    Zeon Zoysia is one of the most beautiful turfgrasses you will find in a landscape. Zeon is a fine bladed zoysia grass with a deep green color.

    It was engineered and developed to provide the landscape industry with a superior fine bladed turfgrass.

    • It has good to excellent shade tolerance.
    • Reduced thatch production, and faster growth and spreading. 
    • Zeon zoysia grass is extremely wear tolerant.

    Geo Zoysia Grass Sod

    Geo™ Zoysia is one of the most beautiful turfgrasses you will find in a landscape.

    • Geo zoysia grass is a fine bladed zoysia grass with a deep green color.
    • It has good to excellent shade tolerance, compared to other zoysia, and is extremely wear tolerant.
    • Geo zoysia's durability make this a top choice for golf courses as well as residential lawns. 
    • Geo gives you an excellent yard with a little extra maintenance.

    This is how Zoysia grass looks when it's well maintained.

    You can have that luxurious lawn, with a totally unique look from the neighbors.

    We Currently Offer Multiple Types of Zoysia Grass Sod 

    More Types Of Zoysia grass:

    Compadre zoysia

    Meyer Zoysia

    Emerald Zoysia
    Zorro Zoysia

    Delivery and Installation

    Where Can I Buy Zoysia Sod Near Me?

    How much is a pallet of zoysia sod?

    The price of sod fluctuates based on the location, season, and economy.

    Your project cost will depend on several factors, including the type of grass, the size of your lawn, and whether you install it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

    On average, you can expect to pay between $0.50 and $2.00 per square foot of zoysia sod.

    Zoyzia Grass Sod (1 Pallet) 

    Average Zoysia sod price: $249 – $549

    Louisiana:  $249 – $549

    Texas:  $249 – $549



    Georgia:  $249 – $549


    pallets of sod grass sod delivery

    Zoysia Grass Sod for sale with delivery throughout Louisiana. 

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    Where can I buy zoysia sod near me? Baton Rouge Sod Delivers Throughout Louisiana

    Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Prairieville, Zachary, Gonzales, Baker, Hammond, Port Allen, and throughout Louisiana

  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Denham Springs, LA
  • Prairieville, LA
  • Gonzales, LA
  • Zachary, LA
  • Walker, LA
  • Geismar, LA
  • Dutchtown, LA
  • Baker, LA
  • French Settlement, LA
  • Central, LA
  • Lafayette LA
  • St. Gabriel, LA
  • Port Allen, LA
  • Livingston, LA
  • Plaquemine, LA
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  • St. Francisville, LA
  • Iberville Parish, LA
  • Burnside, LA
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