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Sod Prices | How Much Does Sod Cost?

Are you looking for sod prices or wondering how much does sod cost for your landscape project? This price list may help

Just like any other product or commodity, especially agricultural products, the price of sod fluctuates based on the location, season, and economy. 

This sod price list will give you a price range or average, but the exact current cost is based on your location and the grass source.  A pallet of sod may be cheaper or more expensive where you live. 

Sod Grass Prices in South Louisiana: Average prices for a pallet of sod.

  1. St. Augustine Grass Sod (1 Pallet)- $249 – $549
  2. Centipede Grass Sod (1 Pallet) – $179 – $269
  3. Bermuda Grass Sod (1 Pallet) – $179 – $269
  4. Zoyzia Grass Sod (1 Pallet) – $249 – $549

Bulk pricing may differ.

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Sod Prices – How Much Does Sod Cost?

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