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If you’re wondering Where to buy sod or just checking sod prices? We can help. Maybe you are looking for sod delivery or installation, we can help with too. Contact us when you're ready to purchase your turf grass.

We sell high quality Sod grass to homeowners, property managers, builders, and contractors in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. 


These are the Primary Types of Sod for Sale we offer:

St. Augustine sod

St Augustine Grass Sod Baton Rouge Sod

St. Augustine grass is a low growing, dark green grass, with broad, flat blades. It is the most popular grass in this area, and one of the most shade tolerant grasses available in our region. St. Augustine sod is thick and lush. Grows well in moderate shade.

centipede sod

Centipede grass sod in Louisiana

Centipede grass Sod is a slow growing, medium textured, drought tolerant warm season grass. It grows to 3.5 inches, has a light green color, and does best in sunny areas, but can tolerate moderate shade. Centipede sod is easy to maintain.

Zoysia Sod

Palisades zoysia grass sod

Zoysia grass is a luxurious fine blade grass, with deep green color, and carpet like growth and texture. It is  fairly shade tolerant, and one of the best turf grasses for this region, Zoysia sod is very soft, dense, and lush. It grows well in moderate shade.

Bermuda Sod

Bermuda grass is a low growing fine to medium blade grass, with a thick lush growing habit. It has high temperature and traffic tolerance, and quick recovery from wear and stress. Most bermudagrass requires full sun, is also very drought resistant.

wholesale bulk sod grass for sale by the pallet

How To Order Your Grass:

  1. Decide on the best type of grass you like and want for your property.
  2. Measure The Area You Want To Get Sodded To Get the square footage. 
    (Most pallets of sod cover 450sf) 
  3. Select The Amount Based on the square footage of the area you want sodded at your property. 
    (Divide the square footage by 450 to get the number of pallets you need)
  4. Call Us or Place Your Order Online. 
    (*When you place your order online, you can choose your delivery date)
  5. Select the date you would like your sod delivered.
  6. Get your sod installed.
  7. Enjoy your new green grass.

Our prices are always competitive and we offer convenient ordering, delivery, and scheduling options.

Tommie Sanders 


I just wanted to say how helpful this guy is. He explained all the grass to me,worked with me on scheduling my delivery.
And i asked a lot of questions before i even ordered my grass.And he answered all of them.
He kept me updated on my delivery,even now after the grass is put in he still answering my questions. I highly recommend him For either buying sod or having him redo your landscape

Julian Moore/


These guys helped me fix my front and back yard.

They fixed all of the areas on my property that were holding water and had lost all grass.

I am so happy with our new grass.


Working with D was an enjoyable experience all around. He gave me advice about my plant choices with specifics on their care even though our focus was back yard sod! I will certainly reccomend Baton Rouge sod and plan to use them again for future projects.

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