Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

Kentucky bluegrass sod is one of the most popular options when installing a new lawn.

It is used in residential lawns and commercial properties across the world.

Kentucky blue grass is renowned for its rich, green color and resistance to heavy traffic.

This adaptable, commonly utilized grass is indigenous to northern Asia and Europe.

Today this grass is found all across the cooler states.

Over time, Kentucky bluegrass developed into one of the best lawn grasses in most of the nation.


Of all the popular cool-season lawn grasses in the United States, KBG has the best cold hardiness.

The most widespread use of it is in northern climates.

Although some types of Kentucky bluegrass can thrive in mild shade, full sunlight is preferred by this grass.


KBG is the second most extensively cultivated cool-season turf grass species.

It favors full sun to light shade and fertile, well-limed soils.

To improve the turfgrass stand’s capacity to recuperate from stressors, Kentucky bluegrass is frequently blended with other cool-season grasses, such as tall fescue.

Kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue or perennial ryegrass are frequently confused with one another.

Kentucky bluegrass, on the other hand, has a leaf tip that resembles a boat and conspicuous light-colored lines on either side of the midrib.

Types Of Kentucky Bluegrass Sod


Our premium Kentucky bluegrass sod grows best in full to part sun, with enriched soil and moderate watering. It has a lush, dark green hue and a medium width leaf blade. It can withstand moderate to heavy traffic and uses rhizomes to repair damaged areas on its own.

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Kentucky Bluegrass Sod