Shipping Information

Shipping Policy


Baton Rouge Sod offers sod delivery to most areas in our region. Your sod is harvested fresh, and delivered most days, on one of our delivery trucks. Our trucks are equipped with a forklift that can drop the sod near your work area, (as long as the forklift can access the area).

When you place an order with us, we will make every effort to ensure that you receive your order as close to the schedule as possible. However, there are times where order deliveries will still be delayed. There are traffic delays, weather delays, equipment problems, and a variety of other factors that can cause us to go behind on our delivery schedule. As a result, we are not liable for any increased labor or material costs as a result of late or rescheduled delivery. We shall make every effort to keep the consumer informed of any delays or difficulties.


How long does my grass take to get delivered?


You can usually get your sod delivered within 2 – 5 business days, and sometimes sooner! However, weather and trucking issues can alter delivery dates.

All orders are processed in the order they are received.

Current logistics conditions require that all orders have flexible delivery. No guarantee on delivery dates or times.

We cannot be responsible for delays caused by weather or transportation logistics such as truck breakdowns, weigh station delays, or excessive traffic delays. The service providers and suppliers may have individual logistics criteria when accessing your property. Be prepared for changes that occur when dealing with heavy equipment.

Inclimate weather, rain, holidays may cause changes to delivery date and time.

Heavy rain may cause all orders to be rescheduled after weather permits.

Your sod grass will be scheduled on the next available shipment going to your area, and we will notify you of the updated information.

We cannot guarantee delivery dates and times, however, we do our best to get your grass to you as close to your desired time.

Once you order sod grass you are responsible for making necessary arrangements at your location. Once the grass is harvested, it needs to be installed in a timely manner.

When you order online, you can select your desired delivery date range during the checkout process. These are suggested dates, but cannot be

We will notify you with confirmation information, so that you know when to expect it.

Your sod delivery cannot be rescheduled or canceled once your order is processed and the sod is harvested for delivery. Reimbursement or compensation, of any type, will not be given if delivery is not made during the original time frame quoted. We will not reimburse for standby time, or labor if delivery is late or is unable to deliver.

Please be patient if your delivery is subjected to logistics change.

Our public phone lines are used to place orders. No harassing, disrespectful, or rude behavior is allowed or tolerated. Violators will be reported to the proper authorities.

If you have a need to cancel, you must do so within 24 hours after scheduling. To cancel an order you must talk to a representative directly over the phone. No cancellations can be made via email, text, voice mail or fax.


We do not require that someone be at the delivery location when we make the delivery.  Grass deliveries are dropped curbside unless pallet placement is requested.If you choose to have pallets placed at specific locations on your property, you waive all liability from property damage caused by the machinery and grass you ordered.

All grass sales are final.

Sod grass is a perishable product, and has a limited stock and shelf life.

Sod grass cannot be returned and not re-stockable.



Please order when you are ready.