Palmetto St. Augustine Grass Sod

Looking to upgrade to a more lush, green, and beautiful lawn that you can be proud of?

Palmetto St. Augustine grass sod may be the perfect solution for you!

With Palmetto, you can relish in a lawn that is not only visually stunning, but also a pleasure to walk on barefoot.

This variety soft, cushiony texture is perfect for kids and pets to play on, and it is even resistant to wear and tear from high foot traffic.

Don’t settle for a mediocre lawn any longer.

Upgrade to Palmetto St. Augustine grass and experience the beauty and enjoyment of a truly stunning lawn.


About Palmetto St Augustine Grass

Palmetto St. Augustine Grass Sod is a visually appealing turfgrass; with a deep medium green color and lush growth.

It is well-suited to hot, humid climates; and can still thrive in drought conditions much better than other grass varieties.

St. Augustine Palmetto was developed by a sod grower in Florida and released to the public.

This variety is a native cultivar selected for better color and texture than ordinary grasses.

At times, it is called a “semi dwarf” since it has a less lengthy internode and habit than other types of St. Augustine; but it is a bit bigger than the dwarf cultivars.

Palmetto St. Augustine demonstrates superior shade, cold, frost, heat, and drought tolerance.

It can exist on about 3 – 4 hours of direct sunlight per day with filtered sunlight throughout the rest of the day.

One of the key advantages is that it grows well in a wide range of soil types and pH levels.

It is also relatively resistant to pests and diseases, which makes it a good choice for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance lawn.


Where Does Palmetto St Augustine Grass Grow Best?

Palmetto St. Augustine grass is best suited for warm, humid climates.

It is typically grown in USDA hardiness zones 7 through 10 where temperatures allow this turf to thrive.

This stunning turfgrass has been a go to grass in the southern United States for years.

It’s one of the most widely used varieties including across the Gulf Coast region. Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Today, Palmetto grass can be found growing in lawns all across the country; on the west coast, and in the midwest.


Where can I buy Palmetto St. Augustine grass sod near me?

So you’re looking for Palmetto St Augustine grass sod near you but don’t know where to begin…

Our grass professionals may be able to assist you get the desired aesthetic without the inconvenience or cost of planting sod from scratch.

If you are seeking for Palmetto St. Augustine sod in your region, please contact us.

Call to purchase and schedule delivery of sod grass for your project.



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