ProVista St. Augustine Grass Sod

Welcome to the beautiful world of ProVista St. Augustine grass!

This lush, vibrant lawn grass is quickly becoming a favorite among homeowners who want to create an outdoor oasis of beauty and comfort.

Its stunningly beautiful, deep green color, thick blades, and rich texture make it a show-stopper in any landscape or lawn.

Not only is it visually appealing, but ProVista St. Augustine grass is also an extremely hardy and durable grass..

ProVista grass is also easier to maintain for landscape and lawn pros and home owners.


About ProVista St Augustine Grass

ProVista is a new variety of St. Augustine grass that was developed by the University of Florida.

It is a hybrid of two existing types of St. Augustine grass, including two native Florida grasses and Floratam.

ProVista St. Augustine grass has many advantages over other types of St. Augustine grass.

  • Improved disease resistance
  • Better heat and drought tolerance
  • A more attractive appearance.
  • Resistant to glyphosate herbicide
  • High herbicide tolerance
  • Has a striking appearance and very dark green color
  • Dwarf and dense growth habit
  • Requires less mowing
  • Requires less fertilizer

Scotts ProVista grass has been designed to grow up to 40% slower than conventional St. Augustine Floratam grass.

Because grass grows so slowly, you should only need to mow it every few weeks.


Where Does ProVista St Augustine Grass Grow Best?

Scotts ProVista is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

doesn’t grow very tall, and does most of its growth laterally and horizontally

In general, ProVista St. Augustine grass grows best in USDA hardiness zones 8 through 10,

However, it may be found in extended parts of the southern United States, including the Gulf Coast, the Southeast, and the Southwest.


Where can I buy ProVista St. Augustine grass sod near me?

ProVista St. Augustine is available in sod form.ProVista is a popular choice for homeowners who are looking for a low-maintenance grass that will stay green all year long.

Pro Vista can be delivered to select locations.

If you are seeking for Palmetto St. Augustine sod in your region, please contact us.

Contact us to order your Provista St. Augustine sod and schedule delivery of sod grass for your project.



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