Raleigh St Augustine Grass

Raleigh St Augustine Grass is a popular choice for lawns and gardens in the southeastern United States.

This unique variety of St. Augustine grass is developed in and native to North Carolina.

It is a hardy turfgrass that can its ability to withstand harsh conditions, and to resist disease and pests.

St Augustine features an extensive root system that helps it to stay green even in the hottest summers.

These characteristics make it a perfect choice for those who want a low-maintenance lawn..


About Raleigh St Augustine Grass

Raleigh grass was developed by a turfgrass breeder named Dr. Richard J. Bir; along with researchers, and his team at North Carolina State University’s Turfgrass Science program.

He was known for his work on developing new varieties of turfgrass that were adaptable to multiple climates.

After years of work and research, scientists came up with this new variety.

This gorgeous turf was named after the city of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Raleigh was specifically developed to be more cold-tolerant than other varieties of lawn.

It is able to withstand temperatures much colder than most other varieties of St. Augustine grass.

Another key advantage of this variety of St Aug is its ability to grow in a wide range of soil types and pH levels.

Whether you have sandy soil or heavy clay, it should be able to thrive.

And because it is relatively drought-tolerant, you won’t have to worry about watering your lawn constantly during dry spells.


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Where does Raleigh St Augustine grass grow best?

Raleigh St. Augustine grass is a versatile turf with a lot vigor and beauty.

This gorgeous lawn warm-season grass is well-suited to warm climates and is typically grown in USDA hardiness zones 7 through 10.

However, this turfgrass is not limited to these areas, thanks to specialized selection.

One of the key advantages is its ability to withstand colder temperatures,

Raleigh is able to tolerate temperatures down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it suitable for use in areas with mild winters.

This feature makes it suitable for use in areas with moderately cool winters.


Where can I buy Raleigh St. Augustine grass sod near me?

If you want to order Raleigh St. Augustine grass for your project, contact us. We can help you get sod delivered to your property.




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