Seville St. Augustine Grass Sod


When it comes to selecting the perfect grass for your lawn, there is no better choice than Seville St Augustine Grass.

This strikingly beautiful turfgrass is a popular choice among lawn enthusiasts; and has been used by homeowners and landscapers for many years.

Seville St. Augustine has the ability to provide year-round color and texture in warm climates, and greens up earlier in cooler climates.

This award-winning turfgrass has consistently proven itself as a hardy variety that can resist heat, drought, wear, and many types of foot traffic.


About Seville St. Augustine Grass

Seville is a cultivar variety of St. Augustine grass that is widely known for its deep green color, thick, lush growth pattern, and broad, dense blades.

It’s native to the tropics and subtropics of the Western Hemisphere; but today is found in lawns throughout the southern United States.

This variety is named after Seville, Spain, and the city of St. Augustine, Florida, although it is not totally clear if the grass is actually native to that region.

Seville St. Augustine was created through selective breeding, which involves selecting specimens with specific desirable characteristics and propagating them.

Over time, it has become a popular choice for lawns and gardens because it is relatively low-maintenance and can tolerate moderate shade..

It is also drought-tolerant and has a high tolerance for heat and salt.

Overall, it is a fairly easy turfgrass to care for and makes a great lawn for properties along coastal locations.



Where Does Seville St Augustine Grass Grow Best?


Seville St. Augustine grass is a warm-season grass that was specifically developed to be more drought-tolerant than other varieties.

It can tolerate moderate shade but grows best in full sun.

One of the notable advantages of Seville grass is its ability to tolerate drought conditions.

A deep root system allows it to access water and nutrients from deeper in the soil, which makes it more resistant to drought than some other grasses.

This adaptable variety of turf can tolerate a range of soil types and is also relatively resistant to pests and diseases; which makes it a good choice for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance lawn.

Seville St. Augustine grass generally grows best in USDA hardiness zones 8 through 10, which includes parts of the southern United States, including the Gulf Coast, the Southeast, and the Southwest.


Where can I buy Seville St Augustine grass sod near me?

So, you’re trying to find where to buy Seville St Augustine grass sod near you but don’t know where to start…

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