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What Are Those Brown Spots In My Lawn Grass?

What Are Those Brown Spots In My Lawn Grass?


Hey, have you been wondering What are those brown spots In my lawn grass?

There are multiple things that could be causing your issues.

Depending on the type of grass you have, the climate and season of the year, and external conditions like foot traffic and pets.

These are some of the most common causes of brown area in your lawn.

Pathogens in the soil or on the grass blades. One of the most common in our region is Brown Patch. Brown patch is a Fungus which grows and spreads throughout your lawn and causes brown circles of dead grass. brown patch can be spread multiple ways and usually gets worse during rainy and wet periods.

Another common cause of brown spots in your yard is, pet urine and waste. When dog waste is allowed to sit on grass, the ammonia and urea from the waste builds up in a concentrated area and burns the grass.

One more cause of brown areas in your lawn grass, is physical stress. Physical stress can be caused by high amounts of foot traffic (children playing frequently, dogs, and improper maintenance.

Most of these problems can be corrected and your lawn repaired and restored. Start by examining your property and analyzing the possible causes. A little observation and reading will likely lead you to the answer.


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