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So, you’ve been thinking about your yard, and are about ready to move forward with your grass project?

There are some things you need to consider as you make your decisions.

First thing to consider is your property and site conditions.

Is the area you are installing your new lawn grass, in a sunny location, shady location, or semi shady location?

Look at what areas receive shade periodically throughout the day, and for how long.

Does your property hold water and drain properly?

After analyzing your site conditions, you can start the grass type selection.

A key consideration should be the amount of use and foot traffic. If you have a lawn that will rarely get walked on, and is in full sin, you can choose any grass.

However, if your lawn will have a lot of foot traffic, children playing, dogs, and social gatherings, you should choose a more durable grass like zoysia or Bermuda grass.

For shady areas where little or sparse sun, St. Augustine grass or zoysia grass works best in our region.

If your lawn area receives full sun, you can choose any grass. Bermuda grass and zoysia grass tolerates high foot traffic and centipede grass is low maintenance.

zoysia grass sod lawn installation

If you just want to order your grass and get it delivered, contact us or order online.

These are the Best Types of Grass For South Louisiana. The climate here can be quite challenging for the best of us.

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