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How To Care For New Sod Grass

How To Care For New Sod Grass

Installing new sod is a great way to change and improve your turf and look of your landscaping and grass. Once your new lawn is installed, you will want to know how to care for new sod grass. Sod is perishable and should be installed immediately upon receipt, then followed by a deep watering.

The most vital and important part of establishing a newly sodded lawn is water supply and irrigation.


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New sod should be watered thoroughly, immediately after installation (at least 45 minutes – until the grass and ground is wet and soggy). This initial watering will allow the grass to start recovering from the installation process, and will help the soil and sod adhere to each other. This step will help with the rooting process.

Water your new sod grass daily for the first 2 – 3 weeks, for 15-20 minutes. It may be necessary to water two to three times per day, during summer and on very warm days. We recommend watering between the times of 6:00 – 8:00am and 12 noon – 2:00pm.

After the first couple of weeks, turn the sprinklers off for a couple of days. This allows your SOIL dry out which is good for the grass and gives the soil a chance to firm up.

Weeks 3 and 4 should consist of watering every other day, then every 2 or 3 days until your grass is established.


mowing your new lawn sod grass

You can begin mowing once your grass has started rooting and the ground is firm enough to handle the weight of your mower and foot traffic. Your new sod should root within 10-14 days of application.

Most people start cutting the grass 3 to 5 weeks after installation. Start reducing the amount and frequency of watering days leading up to your first mow.

Set your mower to the highest setting possible in order to avoid cutting it too close. Since riding mowers and ztr mowers weigh so much, avoid using heavy machinery on your new lawn until your grass is well established and growing strong.

Fertilization & Maintenance:

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In addition to water, your new sod will need proper nutrition in the form of fertilizer and nutritional ammendments.

After 30 days or more, you can start a fertilization and maintenance routine for your lawn.

We recommend a good starter fertilizer and a good balanced maintenance fertilizer. There are many types of lawn fertilizer options available for you. We prefer using organic lawn fertilizers as they don’t burn your grass. They also help improve soil composition, and don’t have harsh chemicals.

When fertilizing, adjust the amount and frequency based on the climate and season. Generally, once a month is good during spring and summer. Depending on what zone you live in, you may or may not be able to apply fertilizer in the fall and winter months.


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