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How To Get Rid Of Torpedo Grass

Torpedograss (Panicum repens) is native to Asia and Africa and was introduced to North America as a forage crop in the agriculture industry. This super tough grass burrows through the soil with pointed rhizomes, that can grow up to 3 ft or more into the earth. 

It can be extremely hard to get rid of torpedo grass. Torpedo Grass is a strong fast growing grass with sharp nodes and runners. Unlike other grasses, torpedo grass is not killed or eliminated when you spray or till it. The herbicide only kills the portion of grass that had direct contact, and tilling only chops up the roots and runners into hundreds or thousands of new plants. Torpedo grass is usually introduced to a property during construction or renovation. It is very commonly found in the topsoil and fill construction companies bring in when they are preparing the foundation for construction. 

torpedo grass growing in centipede grass

In order to eliminate torpedo grass successfully, an ongoing eradication and management program is necessary. Multiple herbicide treatments can eventually bring your invasion under control. The most common treatment option is to spray the area with herbicide, wait a couple of weeks and reapply. 

Selective herbicides will help control while protecting your turf grass. If you have an infestation in Bermuda grass or zoysia grass, use a formula with quinclorac. In centipede turf, use sethoxydim. This will kill the torpedograss but not damage the lawn. Many other lawns have no recommended selective herbicide.

Remember, getting rid of torpedo grass takes a plan and multiple applications.

Eliminate Torpedograss With Organic Lawn Care

You can get rid of this grass organically by manual removal. This means you will have to pull the grass as you see it appear in your lawn. You can do this by digging as much of the plant as you can, ensuring to get all the roots you can find.



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